Roastel (in a nutshell)

From the minute our customers see us coming with their freshly roasted bag of Roastel coffee, their faces light up! Those smiles alone motivate us to keep doing what we do.

We are small batch, premium coffee roasters based in San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago. We grow our own Robusta coffee and with the permits required by law, we import high grade Arabica coffee from all over the world. We roast and blend to order for cafes, restaurants, offices, markets and individuals.

Due to a lack of interest in really developing agriculture and heavy restrictions, we have to be very creative to produce a premium product for our customers, while remaining compliant with the laws of the land. Through years of extensive research and information passed down from over three generations of coffee producers, our knowledge base is quite extensive, yet this is all a work in progress.

We have to lead the way with our vision to have something outstanding to offer all the coffee lovers in Trinidad, Tobago and beyond, while using as much local content and resources as we can.

Hanson Harribans,
Coffee Roaster,
Roastel Coffee,

We are building and shaping the coffee culture in Trinidad & Tobago.