Out Of The Box – Jan Westmaas


Out Of The Box – Tales Of Travel  1972-2013.
By Jan Westmaas

Dr Brereton  – Trinidad Express
Simon Lee – Trinidad Guardian
Debbie Jacob – Trinidad Guardian

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“I pop into shops, bare, as one would expect of an economy under siege, but alluring nonetheless. I marvel as my eyes roam the shelves and showcase of a quaint, turn of the last century pharmacy that one really only sees in films. On impulse I turn right on Calle Obispo and I find myself on the Prado where, in another era, the aristocracy would take their evening strolls. The bourgeoisie is long gone but the Prado, despite its dramatic decline, still bears the unmistakable stamp of elegance and privilege. Hotel Sevilla, built in 1908, and inspired somewhat by the Alhambra with its Moorish arches, columns and mosaics, beckons me. It’s still the crème of Cuban hotels.” – Excerpt from Chapter 4, Rebels lurking in the islands 1988, 1989, 1995, 1999, 2002


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