1. Premium Coffee

We use notes to help describe the nuances in the natural flavour of a particular coffee. These notes can be quite subtle and range from fruity to floral to chocolate, and the list goes on. Notes may not necessarily be detected by every palate, but it all comes down to your individual taste experience.

Our coffee comes from countries all over the world, including Trinidad and Tobago. In fact, some of our beans come from our very own coffee estate, which has been producing coffee for generations. For the foreign beans, we deal with international coffee traders in accordance with guidelines from the relevant authorities.

2. Roasting

Simply put, heat is applied to the coffee beans until the desired roast is achieved. So you can actually do a basic roast in a pot, in a wok or even in an oven. We use a specialized, combination air and drum roaster to apply the right amount of heat, for the right amount of time using unique profiles for each type of coffee. Our aim is to get the best flavour from the bean when you brew our coffees.

3. Purchasing

If there is a defect with any product you receive from us, or any mistake with your order, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving and we will work to correct the issue.
If the product is fine, but the purchase was made in error or the product is no longer needed, we are unable to offer refund or exchange. This is due to the customized and perishable nature of roasted coffee.

4. Payment

Payments via VISA and MasterCard are handled entirely by the highly reputable PayPal service. We’ve had hassle free, incident free PayPal service for over 10 years. From the moment you log in to your Roastel account, your connection is private, encrypted and secure.
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